If you’re looking for a Malay wedding venue to hold your reception, and if you’re looking for a venue other than your void-deck, community centres or multi-purpose halls, then you should check out these 39 wedding venues in Singapore. Whether your reception is an intimate get-together or a soiree full of elegance and sparkle, do consider these venues to experience an extraordinary wedding celebration.

Malay Wedding Venue: 100 Locations To Choose From

Weddings truly bring out the organisational skills in a couple, challenging them to complete a million things for the big day while working a full-time job. By nature, the wedding venue is one of the essential aspects of the event and it is perhaps the first step to planning a wedding – without a venue, a wedding wouldn’t be able to proceed!

However, there could be a tendency for couples to follow solely by their heart when it comes to planning for this major milestone in their lives. Depending on each couple’s financial capabilities, wants and needs, the dream location may not necessarily be the right one for their situation.

Why is choosing the right location important?

With that said, it is crucial for couples to lockdown their wedding location, and not just any location. The right location. Looking for more on how to pick a venue? You can find our list of tips and tricks to find the best wedding location in Singapore right here! Not sure where to start looking for a venue? Here is our ultimate wedding venue guide with six different genres of locations to pick from

Top 10 community clubs in Singapore

With rising affluence in Singapore, it is no wonder that couples are drifting away from weddings at the convenience of void decks and are willing to pay more for an air-conditioned, exclusive and dreamy wedding. As wedding packages at hotels can be a little expensive, the next best thing would have to be community clubs!

Community clubs provides a cool environment for all and basic facilities such as clean restrooms. Some venues have an outdoor basketball court where couples can book to turn their wedding into a semi-alfresco dining setting too. Unlike other places, community clubs allows you to use open fires to heat up your food before serving to guests. The only requirement you would have to fulfil is to pay space rent (if any) and set up a tent at your own cost.

Tip of the day: if you’re not a Passion Card member yet, do sign up before you book any of these venues because for a small registration fee of $12, you will be able to get special member rates that can save you hundreds of dollars! After all, saving costs is something any couple would want to do while planning for their big day.

Celebrate your special day at Tiara Waterfront in Singapore

Situated at the iconic Singapore Indoor Stadium, the Tiara Waterfront offers the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

Tie the knot outdoors under a large leafy al fresco dining area offering a stunning view of the scenic Kallang River or say ‘I Do’ indoors in a luxuriously designed air-conditioned ballroom.

This Malay Wedding Venue of 3,800sqf indoor ballroom sits 300 comfortably in an elegant and stylish setting complete with glorious chandeliers as well as crystal and gold floral centrepieces. Meanwhile, the 1,000sqf outdoor extension offers an additional 160 seats under fairy lights and overlooking the majestic waterfront.

All in, the Tiara Waterfront provides a versatile entourage, delicious menu with a grand waterfront view setting. It is centrally-located, accessible via Stadium MRT and has both a sheltered and open-air carpark with over 500 lots.

Equipped with AV facilities, WiFi and a full Asian inspired F&B catering service – your guests will be treated to a dining experience like no other. Tiara Waterfront is the perfect venue for all your special occasions including engagements, corporate functions, birthday celebrations, baby showers and more.